Acid Alkaline Diet Review

Posted by: | Posted on: August 20, 2017

It is inevitable to think about batteries when you hear the term alkaline.

You may be surprised to know that there is actually a diet that’s based on this chemical factor.

Nevertheless, you dont need to learn rocket science if you want to go for an alkaline diet, since its concept is pretty simple.

This diet actually gives importance to maintaining the body’s normal pH level, which is usually in between 7.35-7.45.

The diet believes that the food you eat should also reflect this level, so that your body’s p

H levels won’t get disrupted.

In effect, your body could perform optimally, just the way that it should.

Eating too much acidic foods wouldn’t be good for your body and is considered to be the major no-no in this kind of diet.


1. This diet’s allowed menu ingredients are not complicated to find. In fact, they would include your basic ‘good foods’ such as: broccoli, kale, cucumbers, parsley, avocado, buckwheat, cayenne pepper, pumpkin seeds, almonds, soy beans, lima beans, chilli peppers and salt.

2. You also get to have low acidic foods like: fish, milk, black beans, flaxseed, chick peas, pecans, cantaloupe, nectarines and dates.

3. The book claims that people under this diet were able to avoid chronic illnesses like flu and colds, which is highly plausible due to the high amount of fruit and vegetable intake.

4. Some user reviews also said that having an alkaline based diet would make you feel less anxious and could also battle the feelings of stress and lack of energy.

5. Eating a lot of vegetables and fruits can eventually help you have a smooth and acne-less skin.


1. This kind of diet isn’t really meant for weight loss, but more for detoxification.

2. Customer reviews weren’t all on the positive side of the diet.

There are a significant number of users who have shared their negative experiences about the whole regimen, and this could be seen all over the Internet.

3. Although the book tells you about which foods to eat and which ones you should stay away from, it doesn’t give you any kind of recipe to start out with the allowed foods.

Hence, you should be the one to find or improvise a recipe that would include the allowed ingredients in the diet.

4. The foods included in the diet is quite close to vegetarianism, which may not work for everyone making it a hard diet to stick with in the long run.


Generally, this diet still lacks the support of extensive scientific research to back up its claims.

Although their concept is pretty much plausible and is somewhat based on the more general idea that vegetables and fruits are good for you, taking the whole regimen into an extreme level is still not recommended.

There are also some medical conditions that may get complicated if you undergo this diet. Hence, it would be better to consult your doctor first.