Beverly Hills Diet Review

Posted by: | Posted on: August 20, 2017

The first Beverly Hills Diet book was tight and stringent.

But since its inception in 1981, it has come a long way and has become far more lenient to its participants.

Experts are quick to dismiss this diet as nothing more than a fad.

But it has gained a following and continues to become one of the popular diets out there.

Judy Mazel was the person behind the Beverly Hills diet.

She believed that what you eat and the amount of food you eat have nothing to do with weight gain.

She maintained that timing and the combination of food groups make all the difference.

Beverly Hills Diet Details

Beverly Hills diet strongly recommends fruits among all other food groups.

This is ideal for vegans and fruit lovers, but people who have never been true fruit-eaters before may find this such an appealing idea.

The main concept of this diet is that while proteins can be grouped with fats and carbohydrates can be combined with fats, the fruits should be consumed by themselves.

You are highly encouraged to eat more and more fruits everyday making sure that you dont combine them with other foods.

If you plan on having a sumptuous meal on dinner, you better fill up on fruits during breakfast and lunch.

The same principle applies with carbohydrates.

You can eat as much carbohydrates as you want provided you stop doing so when you switch to protein.

You are given an allowance to eat one meal that combines carbohydrates and proteins but it shouldn’t be more than that.

The author claims that you can lose up to 15 pounds during the first four weeks into this diet.

The goal here is to avoid confusing your system and body enzymes by not combining food groups.


1. On the surface, this diet has a positive tone to it because it promotes the habit of eating large quantities of fruits everyday. This is a diet that will appeal most to fruit lovers.

2. Unlike other diets, this diet does not place restrictions on calorie control and portion control.


1. Much of the negativity and criticism surrounding this diet is that it completely disregards the other important half of weight loss: exercise.

Without exercise, a diet can only do so much. It wouldn’t get you anywhere.

2. Everyday, we eat foods with calorie and fat content, and the only way we can actually burn these is by buckling down and exercising.

3. If indeed you manage to lose weight following this diet, its effects are likely to be short-term.

In time, you are more likely to regain the same weight you’ve lost and even put on more weight.

4. Another drawback with the Beverly Hills diet is the concept of food combining.

Many tips about nutrition revolve around eating from different food groups each and every meal.

The fact that this diet discourages this nutritional fact makes it a somewhat dangerous fad.


Eating fruits is great, but it must be combined with proper exercise to actually get long-term results.

Also, you must have mixed foods every meal to ensure you get the right nutritional value from every food group in the food pyramid.