HCG Weight Loss Cure Review

Posted by: | Posted on: August 20, 2017

The HCG Weightloss Cure Guide: Complete Guide to Dr. Simeons/Trudeau is a helpful manual involving the base HCG protocol as defined by Dr. Simeons.

The primary protocol emphasizes a short term plan rendering long term results. Dr. Simeons developed the protocol into a more affordable and understandable one from the original work defined in Trudeaus book.

The guide covers mixing, storing, non-prescription ordering, tips, charts, menus and other items which can help you lose anywhere between 20 and 30 pounds in a months time.

HCG means Human Choriogonadotropin.

It is the hormone produced during pregnancy during the first stages.

According to research, introducing small daily injections of HCG of about 125 to 200 IU will lead to weight loss of around 1 to 2 pounds per day. In some cases, more weight can be lost.

Kevin Trudeaus book, The Weight Loss Cure They Dont Want You to Know About has very relevant information on proper HCG injections for weight loss. Dr. Simeons HCG Diet is thoroughly defined in the book Pounds and Inches


1. The methods were discovered and developed by medical professionals so you can be sure that these are safe and have undergone thorough testing for effective and long lasting results.

2. It is a fact that HCG does have significant effects on weight loss. The principles incorporated in the approaches are scientifically based so you should expect accurate and time-bound effects.

3. The recommended diets in the book include organic and natural foods which are good for the health. There are no seemingly magical formulas and every process of fat burn is explained in detail.

4. Tens of thousands of individuals have successfully gotten over obesity, weight problems and other types of disease and disorder associated with HCG injections.


1. Not all medical professionals completely agree with the approach. Some suggest that the indicated diet may be the one leading to significant weight loss, instead of the HCG injections.

2. More studies are needed to fully show the efficacy and safety of the approach. Getting injections may not be the best method for some individuals who have fear of needles. Higher HCG levels in the body may also lead to side effects in the long term.

3. The approach can be costly for some individuals.

4. People need to deal with food cravings and hunger pangs as they embark on the 500-calorie diet. It may be more effective to gradually cut down current caloric intake to consistently stick with the program.


The HCG Weightloss Cure Guide: Complete Guide to Dr. Simeons/Trudeau can be a useful tool for anybody who wants to lose weight. It offers quick, easy and significant results.

However, not all people may approve of the approach as there are other less-invasive methods.

The quick fix also leaves a lot of potential dieters baffled whether or not HCG is just another fad or is bound to stay long in the weight loss scene.