Music for Weight Loss

Posted by: | Posted on: August 20, 2017

Can you lose weight just by listening to music. Well, no of course you cant. But can music aid you in obtaining your weight loss goals?


Here are 3 ways music can help you obtain your weight loss goals

1. Dancing

Maybe if youre feeling really unmotivated wont go for your run, but throw on some music that moves you and suddenly youll find yourself on your feet. Even if those feet dont hit the pavement youll have taken that first step which was getting up and moving. Heck, now that youre up you might as well start dancing to burn some calories, express yourself and just plain feel good! Studies show that dancing for will burn about 275 calories per hour! So get up and move your tush!

2. The Push it! Factor

When youre working out and you want to stop but then you just keep going this is the push it factor. Some people use their thoughts to push their limits while working out, others use sheer determination. The right Music can give us the strength to push out a few more reps, or run that extra 100 meters.

3. Pacing yourself

The way music makes you feel can have a big influence on your exercise. Say you go for a run and youre listening to some upbeat dance music that really makes you feel strong. Chances are you are going to run faster. This means you will burn yourself out faster and thus burn less calories. On the other hand if you put on something that is really immersive and distracting you will at times completely forget you are out for a run. As a result you will lighten your pace, and run further, and burn more calories.

I find that certain types of hip hop to be very powerful and inspirational. Also, there is some classic rock songs that really do something for me.

What songs/music do you guys like to listen to that inspires you or activates your push it! factor?